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Patient Information

We are a telehealth practice.  This means all evaluations are conducted via an  audio/video HIPPA compliant program.  There are no in person visits/lobby hours.  All correspondence between the patient and the office is done via our portal/electronic medical record program or by phone/fax.


An evaluation with our practice includes medical history, family history, physical exam, genetic testing/other lab tests (if needed) and  interpretation of lab results. If you are diagnosed with a genetic disorder,  Dr. Sorrentino will also write a medical plan for your doctors and continue to manage your medical care. Genetic counseling is provided as needed.

The patient must be present at all visits. 

Please supply records of all specialist evaluations, imaging studies ( e.g., x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, sonograms etc.), genetic testing/lab/biopsy before  your visit. 

At the time of the visit, you will be expected to provide a medical history for the patient, his/her parents and grandparents. This is referred to as a family history.  

Please be advised that genetics consultations are time consuming. Expect that your appointment will last 45-60 minutes or longer.  

Per federal and state regulations, genetic testing requires the consent of a competent adult and/or legal guardian of a minor child/special needs adult.

Proof of guardianship and court orders affecting parental rights must be provided before the appointment for both evaluation and genetic testing.

Please check with your insurance company to determine whether labs ordered or referrals made will be covered/are in network. 

Areas of Expertise

Familial/Genetic Disorders

Familial Cancer Conditions

Pre-natal Evaluations

Connective Tissue Disorders/Enlarged Aorta

Positive Newborn Screens

Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Pre-natal exposure to alcohol, illicit drugs and toxins.

Developmental Delay/Autism/Intellectual Disabilities

Genetic Causes of Short/Tall Stature

Birth Defects

Seizures/Muscular Dystrophy

Treatment for Genetic Conditions



Chromosome Analysis/

Fragile X testing

Whole Genome Sequencing 

Familial Cancer

Genetic Testing

Whole Exome Sequencing


mental Panels


Aortopathy Panels

Inborn Errors of Metabolism/



Genetic Testing

Interpretation of genetic testing with amniocentesis/

chorionic villus


Areas of Expertise

Direct Specialty Care/Payment Information


We are a direct specialty care practice. We are not in network with any type of insurance.   All evaluations are  paid out of pocket.    All patients who are interested in a consultation and/or continuation of care should contact the office for further details. Established patients may contact us by sending a message  through our portal, click patient log in and then sign in with their email and password.  For new patients, please contact the office at the number above.

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