Board Certified Clinical Geneticist

Diagnosis and treatment of rare and hereditary conditions in children, adults and expecting parents

Susanna Sorrentino, MD, FACMG, FAAP

Board Certified Clinical Geneticist

About Dr. Sorrentino

Areas of Expertise

Rare and undiagnosed conditions

Conditions passed down in the family

Genetic syndromes

Susanna Sorrentino MD, FACMG, FAAP

Clinical Geneticist


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3006 South Maryland Parkway Suite 515

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Tel: 702-732-6800

Fax: 702-932-9611

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Hospital Consultations for Children and Expecting Parents

Sunrise Children's Hospital 

3186 South Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

657 N. Town Center Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

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